Our Story

Killy Williams lives in Dorset with her husband Paddy and son Charlie, “The Count”.

Killy began her artistic career at Newcastle University studying History of Art and Architecture combined studies and Life Drawing. Later, she married Paddy, who was in the army and while moving homes with his career, she always kept her creative passion alive, from millinery through to illustration. Commissions for friends expanded to orders for prints, and most recently into Killy’s quest for the perfect mug.

The hunt for the perfect mug began because Killy really likes her tea and a standard half pint mug was never enough. But the big mugs out there were clunky. They were thick and unsubtle - the sort that could lead to an embarrassing dribble (and no-one likes an embarrassing dribble).

So, with the help of some enthusiastic friends, Killy decided she’d make her own mugs, which sounds far easier than it was. There was a lot of testing and trial and error. With colours and glazes and handles and shapes, in fact they even developed their own unique process with glaze and graphics, to get it just right. It seemed there is a reason that people don’t make mugs how Killy likes them, because it’s hard to get it spot on. But, that’s why we love them. Because we haven’t compromised. We’ve worked hard to make a mug that is lovely to hold, and has wonderfully vibrant colours, excellent shiny gold bits and we hope, no chunky-edged dribble.